Electrochemical Application For
Advanced Energy System Labortary.


Parametric study on the performance of electrochemical hydrogen compressors
Min Soo Kim
Jungchul Kim, So Yeon Kim, Chan Ho Chu, Kyu Heon Rho, Minsung Kim, Dong Kyu Kim*
Renewable Energy

In this study, the parameters of an electrochemical compressor are investigated to determine its operating characteristics. The performance of the electrochemical hydrogen compressor is investigated experimentally, and internal phenomena is analyzed using a computer model. In addition to simple electrochemical reactions, mass transport is considered. First, the effect of the current density on the performance of the electrochemical hydrogen compressor is studied. A high current density is advantageous in terms of the compression time, but a higher energy efficiency is achieved at a low current density because the voltage at a high current density (1 A cm−2) is ∼0.024 V higher than that at a low current density (0.3 A cm−2). Second, the effect of the operating temperature is analyzed. Low operating temperatures lead to a high energy efficiency despite the high membrane resistance at low operating temperatures. Finally, the inlet pressure does not affect the operating voltage of the electrochemical hydrogen compressor because the current density controls the flow rate. This study provides practical guidance for the development of the infrastructure necessary to realize a hydrogen-based society by providing important insights into electrochemical hydrogen compressors as possible alternatives for mechanical compressors.