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Analysis on the Effect of Obstruction on Sprinkler Skipping in Air Conditioner Room Fire
Kim Ji Tae
Nam Jun Suk, Kim Ryang Hoon, Kim Seung Yeon, Ryou Hong Sun*

Sprinkler skipping is an important issue in fire spread. In general, two sprinklers are installed in air conditioner rooms at the ceiling and 30 cm below to avoid spray failure by energy recovery ventilator in the ceiling. However, there is a problem in that sprinkler skipping occurs in the air conditioner room. In this study, the sprinkler skipping phenomenon was analyzed through numerical analysis and the applicability of the open type of sprinkler operation method was reviewed. As a result, when the upper sprinkler works, sprinkler skipping occurred in all cases. The lower sprinkler shall not rise above the operating temperature of 68.3 °C with a maximum temperature of 65 °C. In particular, the spray failure caused by the energy recovery ventilator reduces the sprinkler head temperature by more than 8 °C by concentrating the spray droplets. As an open type, simultaneous operation of two sprinklers is capable of obtaining an appropriate fire extinguishing effect by covering the fire source with the spray of the lower sprinkler. The research results are expected to help in fire protection in buildings such as modern apartments with air-conditioned rooms. © 2022 by the authors.