Electrochemical Application For
Advanced Energy System Labortary.



​김동규, Dong Kyu Kim

84, Heukseok-ro, Chung Ang University 310-434,
Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


  • Building 310 Room 441

  • +82) 02-820-5192

  • B.S. Seoul National University, Seoul
  • M.S. Seoul National University, Seoul
  • Ph.D Seoul National University, Seoul
Professional Experience
  • 2017 -Current Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chungang University
  • 2017 - 2017Guest Scientist, Transfer center Sustainable Electrochemistry, Saarbruecken, Germany
  • 2016 - 2017Visiting researcher, Microfluidics group/Energy research, KIST-Europe, Saarbruecken, Germany
Research Experience
  • Exclusive experience in research for analyzing operating characteristics of polymer electrolyte membrane(PEM) fuel cell system.
  • Research on organic Rankine cycle(ORC) for low-grade heat with temperature below 100 ℃
  • Extensive background in refrigerating cycle
  • Research on PEM fuel cell system for automotive
Academic Activity
  • 대한기계학회 (KSME) 학술이사
  • 설비공학회 (SAREK) 학술이사
  • 에너지 안전 연구소 간사
  • 자동차공학회 (KSAE) 학술 이사
  • 수소융합얼라이언스 (H2KOREA) 심사위원
  • 설비공학회 (SAREK) 편집이사